The Unrecognized Child

Anis, 13 year old teenager. was born from Kamoro tribe mother and Asmat tribe father.

Anis was born and raised in illegal miner in the tailing deposit area in of Freeport Indonesia (an affiliate of Freeport McMoRan Copper and Gold) in Timika, Papua, Indonesia. His family as well as other famililes in this area, make a living by becoming illegal miners in the tailing deposit area. They live in tents made from tarp, without access to clean water and electricity.

Children in this area grow without assistance of school, learn to make living by themselves and used to get high in cheap way by smoking glue. getting high in cheap way by smoking glue. Anis is one of them. He has never been to school. He is more adept at seeking gold than reading.

Because Anis inherited family name from his Asmat father. That makes him considered as Asmat, whilst Asmat tribe is not included in the seven tribes that are eligible for privileges from Freeport Indonesia; free education and health facilities.

I visited him and make story about him since March 2017. One day he was on his way home from seeking gold, and a Freeport’s haul truck passed by the road beside his way. He asked me to take his picture with this truck and pose by him self.

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