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Papua on Civilization

Papuan parents trust the role of teachers in making their children have the opportunity for a better future, although those teachers are settlers in Papua. Papuans only give this kind of trust to teachers, medical workers, and monks or nuns; never to members of the military or civil servants. This distrust is related to military […]

Emawa, the Last House of ‘Mee’

This is a story about emawa, the Mee tribe’s traditional house. The Mee tribe is one of the tribes in the Central Highlands of Papua, Indonesia. The construction of emawa is made from wood, rattan for fastener, and pampas grass or sugarcane’s leaves and tree bark for the roof. No manufactured or synthetic products are […]

Papua’s Last Dutch Pastors

Three Dutch Catholic priests arrived in Papua more than 50 years ago following the transfer of authority of western Papua from the Netherlands to the Indonesian government. It was a dark time for Papuans as they experienced human rights abuses and many tragedies. The bitter memories of these abuses and tragedies are stamped on generations […]

Children of the Gold Land

Hundreds indigenous Papuan families stay on the riverbanks in Timika, Papua, Indonesia, beside the tailing disposal stream of Freeport Indonesia, mining the biggest gold mine in the world. Based on the reports of Earthworks and Mining Watch Canada, 2012, Freeport Indonesia, an affiliate an Freeport McMoRan’s, produces and dumps over 200,000 tons of tailings per […]

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