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The Unrecognized Child

Anis, 13 year old teenager. was born from Kamoro tribe mother and Asmat tribe father. Anis was born and raised in illegal miner in the tailing deposit area in of Freeport Indonesia (an affiliate of Freeport McMoRan Copper and Gold) in Timika, Papua, Indonesia. His family as well as other famililes in this area, make […]

Silent Morning Star

Morning Star flag is Papuan cultural identity – not only a symbol of freedom, Morning Star is a symbol of Papuan hope for justice and prosperity. Morning Star has seven blue and six white horizontal lines, in the left is wide vertical red line with a white star in the middle. When Gus Dur was […]

Changing Papua

This project is an effort to map and archive the changing of Papuan daily life; what happens when everything that comes from outside Papua begins to open several areas which were previously isolated by natural conditions and cultural morals. How Papuans see themselves, their assumption about everything from outside Papua, and how they are adapting […]

Message from Earth

Special Autonomy in Papua has showered the local government with an abundant budget. In this era, more Papuans become involved in government and society affairs. At the same time, corruption practices are blooming and more open. Budget for people’s welfare, such as education, health, and economic supporty does not improve the quality of life for […]

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